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First time buyer


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This was the first time I've bought my computer online and it has been smooth sailing from build to mailing.
The build settings are great at telling you if your customisation will bottleneck or not, if the power supply isn't right etc.
It was shipped very fast and delivered when they said it would and it was securely packaged.
The laptop is wonderful, I normally use desktops so moving to a laptop was an uncertainty but I'm so happy with the one I've picked.
Will definitely get my next computer from here


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The specs are:

Intel Core i7 six core processor 8750H
16GB Corsair 2400MHz DDr4
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 - 6.0GB
1TB Hard Drive

I've tried uploading images but (even when compressed) they're too big. But it's the Recoil Series 15.6" Matte Laptop. Under Gaming Laptops.

Hope this helps!