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Fractal Design Define Mini C

Hello, I would like this case option for the mini-ITX/micro-ATX I'm after, or at least the option to send it in. Currently, you can't send in your own case for a mini-ITX build, but the Define S Nano is an option and anything that will fit in there will fit in the Mini C. Thanks.


Why the Mini C rather than the S Nano?

The point of the Nano C is that it's mATX, and PCS don't do mATX system (they have some mATX boards in the ATX configurators but these are generally just there as cheap options). And for a mini ITX board the general point of the system is to be as small as possible. And the Mini C is bigger than the Nano S - unsurprisingly as it's mATX rather than mini ITX.

Hard to see where it fits in, at least as far as PCS builds are concerned

I tend to argue against "mini" systems on the grounds they're not very mini anyway and shut off upgrade options. The Meshify C is an ATX case with a smaller footprint than the Mini C (which ought probably to be called the Micro C?).
I'm trying to avoid having a huge tower on my desk, though granted the Mini C isn't that much smaller than some compact ATX towers. It's a better case than the Nano, though. Airflow should be better. It'll take a bigger cooler. And a micro-ATX motherboard is an option in the future if I should ever want one. I think it's unlikely I'll ever go back to a full ATX system.

However, you've got me thinking that maybe I should go for a good m-ATX motherboard, which will mean a self-build.
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