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Free anti - virus software?


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Ive just restored my computer as it had a few problems with it (Assuming it was through viruses) so is there any good free programs i can download to protect my pc?.


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I just stick the the Microsoft security essentials as well and use Advanced system car free to keep system clean. I have used Malwarebytes before but not installed since fresh install.


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I have been using Avast anti virus for a few years now and highly recommend it. It's better than a few I have paid for like norton, mac fee etc.. It's caught all the virus I have thrown at it. I have tested it by downloading files I knew contained viruses and it caught them all like a also stops attacks from web pages by disconnecting before it has a chance to attack..overall I'd say it's one of the best I have ever used and it is also light on resources and doesn't bog your system down like Mcafee does. Give it a whirl you won't regret it. But if your ultra paranoid like me don't trust windows altogether and dual boot a Linux distro.. I do all my Internet shopping and banking on Linux and the majority of web browsing and mainly use windows for gaming as not all games are compatible through wine on Linux.


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My internet was down yesterday so i couldent reply but thanks to everyone for posting,Ive went with what vanthus said so thanks :p.