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Fusion IV - the perfect power laptop


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What a fantastic laptop the Fusion IV is. You would expect something good for the price, but the performance, weight, compactness, huge battery, selection of ports, and overall functionality surpass all but the most expensive competition. PCS built and delivered quicker than promised, which is an achievement these days. No more than I would expect having bought my previous two machines from them.

I needed a machine that could cope as well with Photoshop as a powerful workstation, and the Fusion IV delivered. To match my workstation my Fusion is set up with an i7 processor, 512 GB memory, and a 2TB SSD partitioned 75%:25%. All working folders and desktop are mirrored to OneDrive, so I can work on either machine with the same information immediately available. And of course, with three copies there is added security.

The keyboard is pleasant to use; the keys do not have a large travel but good considering the laptop is so thin. The matt finish of the screen and its brightness makes it easy to use in most conditions. While not particularly adjustable it is well calibrated for image processing.

While not loud, the sound is well balanced, and the fan is very quiet – just the sound of moving air.

The camera position above the screen which is ideal for meetings. The image is sharp and well balanced.

The large vent on the underside is raised from a flat surface by two long rubber feet. When working hard the laptop should not be placed on soft furnishing or clothing. A simple solution to protect ventilation, which is comfortable and improves the angle of the keyboard, is shown in here. A short length of plastic pipe split in half locks conveniently against the feet.

The Fusion IV has coped with everything Windows has thrown at it so far and shrugs off the most intense tasks with aplomb. A delight to use – thoroughly recommended. I hope it will have as long a life with me as my other PCS machines (6 and 8 years old).
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