FYI: Photography - 500px external domain connection - warning - requires more expensive Pro account.


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The Canadian website 500px for storage, display, and discussion of photography has been around for years.

Well, I discovered the hard way that my external domain (paid subscription) no longer points to my so-called 'Awesome' 500px account (yep, paid subscription), and it previously did just fine.:rolleyes:

Neither my domain provider Namecheap or 500px warned me of the change in early 2021. The connection broken all year I believe.o_O

Apparently customers are required to pay extra on 500px for a 'Pro' account for this support.:cautious:

I have not checked how much more this 'Pro' account costs in Sterling at this point (advertised now as a whizzy 'portfolio') but it's the kind of sneaky digital amendment that annoys me, so wanted to share with my trusted buddies on this damn fine forum.(y)

Not decided yet on how to proceed for a web presence for my photography. Good customer support is what I really want.🤝