Gaming case and dusty room?


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Hi all, I got an e-mail informing me that the PCS MAELSTROM T900 BLACK GAMING CASE won't be in stock until the 29th and had an option to admend, which I did and chose the COOLERMASTER HAF 922 MID TOWER GAMING CASE, but just wondering due to their being quite big vents? on the sides etc will it be a problem with me having to take the case apart to clean out dust often?

Would the COOLERMASTER CM690 MKII ADVANCED CASE + 2 FRONT USB be ok for a gaming case and help prevent lots of dust getting in.

P.S I do clean my room :p


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The 690 is a good choice, great case. With almost every case and even in a dusty room, as long as you clean it out every now and again you will be fine.


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Just make sure you use a vacuum cleaner once a week in your room and there shouldn't be any dust problems for the computer.


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Ye, teh HAFs dont have filters, to maximise airflow, but as Phoenix said, I just vacuum lots.