Gaming chair recommendations?


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Hiya! Slowly going to be setting up my work from home / gaming set up this month onwards so I’ve ordered my PC, I (for the most part) know which monitor I’ll be getting so the next part of my set up to start thinking about is my CHAIR!!!

Does anyone have any recommendations? I’ll be doing my own research of course but would appreciate any input. I want something comfy for a while that I can work and play in and watch movies from. I tend to cross my legs when I sit so ideally will get arm rests what allow for that as my legs are long and I don’t need to wack my knees constantly like I do right now lol

Thanks in advance


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Do make sure you consider decent office chairs as well as 'gaming' ones - decent office chairs are designed to be comfy for hours on end and can have good back support.

When I went for a new chair I actually ended up picking exactly the same one that my office had because I found they were comfy and did help my back (this may only seem relevant to those of us who are a bit older, but it should be relevant to all) - was the best investment I made cos it was about 8 months before covid and home working hit.

Of course this does depend on budget, but yeah think of it as an investment


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Chairs are one of those things you literally have to try out in person. And I'm not sure how practical that is so I suppose you'll have to put your faith in online reviews etc.

Herman Miller get great reviews but are on the £££ side.


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Thanks guys! You’re right, I’ve done some research and im going to go for an office chair. Any brand recs outside of Herman miller welcome :)