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I have recently bought a pretty high end gaming laptop but used for my work. Due to the type of work being carried out, it required the high level graphics card and RAM a gaming laptop provides.

Initially had some teething problems in relation to the wifi being extremely slow, but just needed updating and now is fine. I have also had some random crashes mid working on laptop and these are currently being explored with no hardware faults, appears to be an OS fault so will need to reinstall Windows 10 pro and should then be fine.

Due to these issues i have had to contact customer support and the person i spoke to (Marcus) was brilliant, talking me through with no jargon what was going on and how to fix, remote access etc. Hopefully i won't need to contact again, but i know if i do, he/the support team are excellent.

The laptop arrived quickly and very securely packaged and compared to other places it was competitively priced. I am overall happy with the laptop and once Windows has been reinstalled should be a very fast, powerful workhorse for me.


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Sorry to hear about you problems, but it sounds like PCS support have you sorted. For the future there is collectively an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience on these forums. Short of actually fixing the hardware (which we can't do of course) we can usually help with any problems or issues you might have. :)

Oh, and a warm welcome to the forums! :)