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I've just attempted to Order a Nice little AMD Quad core Gaming Comp, along with a 22" Flatscreen and i chose the 6 month Finance Option.
I have just Payed £119.80 by debit, i even checked my account and it has been taken.
That's £83.80 Deposit and £36.00 Arrangment Fee.

After this you get to The Hitachi Capital Bit, to set up the direct debit instruction.
One of these pages says this.

"You are applying for a Buy Now Pay Later finance agreement which allows you to:

* Repay in full the amount of credit £754.20 before the first instalment date and pay no interest.


* do nothing and your direct debits of £27.19 will commence after 6 months.

Confirmation of your first payment date will be included in a Welcome Letter which will be sent to you when your goods have been delivered. "

Now the OR bit confused me, i thought i was just paying direct Debit each month from my order. It looks like it's saying do nothing, your order will arrive, and we will start charging you in 6 months... if you want to. (which i don't)

So that aside, this should mean regardless of when i set up the direct debit with Hitachi, my Order is still on its way (I supposed).

So i check my Orders on this site, The order is under temporary orders, and apparently they are archived after 2 days and cannot be retrieved!

This is only worrying because I am trying to get this damn direct debit thing sorted now, and i plan to pay the full ammount well before the 6 months is up, i don't plan to pay the interest.
I thought that I pay £119.80 to start the ball rolling, My PC and Monitor are Processed, and sent, and the Monthly charges start from there on or abouts.
I planned to let the monthly payments do their thing but also chuck in £100 each week or so to get it done in 2-3 months.

SO... more to the point and the Reason for this Thread, Hitachi Capital is making it very difficult to complete, because after i fill the required fields and press next.......................................................................
Waiting for
Eventually it times out.
I hope it's just traffic but i'm paranoid.

I have no bad history, i work full time, that side isn't an issue, the site just won't let me get it done.

So am i right to worry?
i've payed £120 and the order looks like it will be deleted in 2 days if i don't complete the rest.. is that right?

+ Can someone set me straight on the "OR, do nothing" bit,

Thanks for any help


Edit* i was just gazing at this bit
"do nothing and your direct debits of £27.19 will commence after 6 months"

I get it now.. lol
make no extra payments to clear it, and after 6 months they KEEP taking the money, all the way to the interest, i feel stupid.

but i'm still worried about the order.
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Hi Mr C, No reason to worry.

Its a Buy now Pay later finance arrangement, so as long as you pay off the full amount to the finance company within the chosen time-frame then there is nothing extra to pay barring the deposit and fee you already paid. If you dont pay it off within the time then it goes to a pay monthly arrangement where you pay interest.

Should it not go through this will be refunded, well its actually a deferred payment which will be reversed / not completed.

If you pass me a PM with your order number or email it to [email protected] i will confirm the orders status in the morning.

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I understand.
So the monthly Fee doesn't even begin until the 6 months is up, I just have 6 months to pay however i want.
That's all fine.
I suppose you can't speak for
I can't get anywhere with the Debit setup, the furthest i got was the Personal Details section, now it won't even go that far.
Is this a common problem?
There isn't an alternative Finance Company That uses is there? lol


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Nope just the Hitachi finance people, and no i cant talk for them, different company.

I can however check it out in the morning if you email me the order number etc.


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Ok, it looks ok from our side.

Log into our website and find the order, there will be a button or clickable link to go through and complete the finance application.

If for whatever reason it doesnt let you do that then call us on 0844 499 4000.