Give me a shout in FFXIV


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The game arrived today and is now full updated despite the order problem with Amazon and then the confusion over the codes and in-game item.

So if You going to play or are on FFXIV and are on the Selbina Server then give me a tell or something My Character name is Alexus Jade :cool:


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Well its Final Fantasy, there always have very good story, and its different from FFXI.
Graphics are brilliant and its in surround sound.

Since I've not played it for long, its hard for me to tell you what its like, as I'm not fully fluent in the controls and the game mechanics yet.


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I too was wondering if it was worth my precious mullah.
Don't be afraid to drop us a mini review when you've gathered abit of play time!
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Final Fantasy XIV Collectors edition photos.




Game has such a steep learning curve. I actually have no idea what I'm meant to be doing or where to go. Gameplay is ok (Although I prefer WoW) but the graphics are unbelievably good. Only had time to play around for about 2 hours last night


i played closed beta and i got to say im not excited - but the collectors edition looks very nice ;)


Damn it, I'm en route to Saronia. Shame, though from what I hear Selbina's really overcrowded.

EDIT: heard about the problems with Hermes shoes, though from what my XI LS say, apparently they're well worth the trouble to get. Assuming you have to make changes to your squareenix account via browser to get 'em, and it can't be done in-game?
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All I know is I entered all my codes and in game item code, and got my shoes and helmet when I created my account.
You can't get it after creating you account.

You need to set it up first then create you character in game to get the items.


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the reviews suggest it is not so much bad as absolutely terrible which,if true ,is an awful shame as i was hoping to lose my identity,ego and sanity with this...oh well


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I haven't play it yet but what I do know is that this game has alot of mixed opinions, just like Final Fantasy 11 (which I like). I recommend that you try it out, it gives you 30 day free trial and when it runs out you can decide to keep on playing or bin it.


Just to let you know, if you create an account before 25th Oct you get an extended free trial period! An extra 30 days :) this was a welcome bonus when I saw it this morning.
They've done it because they actually listened to the players and realised, yes, its actually not that great at the moment and we do need to do a bit more work on it.
Saying that though, I'm enjoying it so far, not got far into it, my current PC is running it like treacle on low-medium settings! Can't wait for my new one to arrive! :D

I'd definitely say give it a go, and quickly, get your 2 months of gameplay and decide from there. DO be patient with it, massive learning curve and there's no system like WoW where it goes "!" here's a quest and "!" go here! Its also HUGE. The starting city alone takes long enough to explore.

If anyone joins up onto Rabanastre, start up in Limsa Lominsa and give me a shout: Elyas Macherra :)