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Good Horror/Thriller movies


Rising Star

A few I would like to throw into the list: -

A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean film which for me is also a piece of art)
Kairo (Japanese film that is complex and moves between mystery and horror)
Ju-on (Japanese version of The Grude - the US remake massively simplified the plot, made it all chronologically correct and removed the scariest sequence in the film)
Event Horizon (Early 90s horror with a big cast of excellent actors)
The Ring (In this case I preferred the US version which built upon the original Japanese version)
Dead and Buried (80s horror which is a bit different from most. Some old fashioned gruesome action)
The Exorcist (It's still a great movie and the newer special editions put back some of the scenes cut from the original release) I've also been to D.C and seen the house and steps.
The Others (A lot of it is about the plot but it's a great film)
Oculus (More about the plot that just scares)
Halloween (The original and best of the series)

Those are a few I hadn't seen suggested yet. There are a number that would be on my list of favourites that have already been mentioned.

I'm sure I've forgotten a few lesser known favourites but I'm so busy these days I can't remember watching a whole horror film in one go for about two years now.



=Jaws - Definitely needs no introduction, this is one of the best but it's unlikely that you haven't seen it. 2nd one is OK, after that forget it.
Great film but seriously caused problems with the image of sharks that they're still suffering from today. :(

Rec is a good one. I think it was remade as Quarantine?

I also recently watched V/H/S 2 (Haven't got around to V/H/S).

Horror's aren't my favourite genre though I do enjoy a good zombie film occasionally if anyone has any recommendations.


I saw The Girl With all the Gifts a couple of weeks ago. For me this is the best horror film since Insidious and Let the Right One In.


I can recommend the psychological thriller "Unknown" 2011
I give it 10/10
One of the best thrillers I ever saw


I'm more of the type of person who watches super bad horrors for a giggle but I do have some that are not bad at all. The Hush (Netflix Own Film) is very good about a girl on her own who is blind or deaf (I can't remember which one though). Dale & Tucker Vs Evil is a good one if you want a fresh take on horror in a different view, also very funny to watch. I have yet to watch some horrors such as Mr.Brooks and Housebound which seem quite good but I do love my first thriller that one of my parents showed to me which was Sixth Sense.


I saw The Girl With all the Gifts a couple of weeks ago. For me this is the best horror film since Insidious and Let the Right One In.
I watched that a couple of weeks ago.

It was a bit slow and boring to be honest and I found parts of it were a bit over-stretched to fit the plot.


You can't go too far wrong with Dog Soldiers - Squaddies vs. Werewolves! It's not the slightest bit scary but it's reliable rollicking action fun for a night in with friends.


Seen a couple of decent films on Netflix recently:

Birdbox was a decent film if somewhat over-hyped

I thoroughly enjoyed Circle and Escape Room

Honestly you can pick holes in them all without trying too hard, but they were enjoyable all the same.


Doctor Sleep - 4.5/10 Any less seems to harsh but any more feels a tad too generous. Bit too long. Not enough development of the baddie characters. Felt rather "Made for TV" in places.