GPU requirments for Google Earth 3 landcape fly-throughs


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Help appreciated.

I am looking for a PC that will be used for typical office applications plus some number crunching / non-visual simulations. I do need the PC to be responsive when doing 3d landscape fly-throughs in Google Earth. Assuming a 4 to 8M broadband connection, will I be ok with the on-chip graphics of a Core i3-540 or will I see improved performance from a cheapish graphics card such as a ATI radeon HD5570?
No great interest in gaming or watching movies. Also would the on-chip graphics support dual screen monitors each at 1920*12001?


Integrated Graphics will not run dual monitors, so you will need to order a low-end graphics card such as the HD5570/GT240 in order run this setup. I think you may also see an improved performance by having a dedicated graphics card too.