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Graphics card error on full screen mode


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Hi I have a problem with my display when on ful screen mode, see screenshot.
My set-up is Windows 10 pro, i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 8GB RAM, geforce 1060 6GB and is displaed over 2 monitors using DP.

The problem is when i go full screen on videos files, youtube or anything really, that monitor goes b/w and fuzzy, the other monitor stays ok. It can get back to normal fixed by rebooting. This can happen on either monitor.
I've done a full removal and reinstall of the card, full removal of drivers with DDU and reinstall of latest drivers. The error persists.

Can anyone suggest something else please, or is my card broken ??



Is this a PCS build? If so can you please post your full spec from the website?

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