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Graphics Setting and Blur


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Just wondering if anyone could help me out in regards to graphics settings which add blurring to a game.

Motion blur is an obvious one, and I've managed to root out some others as the blurring (Often in DmC) makes me feel sick and sometimes gives me a headache, but also ruins some screenshots.

I think I read of the following causing blur-effects:

Depth of Field

Quite sure there were a couple more, but I can't seem to find where I read it now.

DmC doesn't include most settings to be changed within the game (Of those, only HD AA is able to be changed in game), so I used the .ini file to disable Motion Blur, Bloom and Depth of Field. If anyone has any idea and could tell me what other effects potentially cause blurring which can be disabled, I'd be grateful. Though with DmC, I'm not sure if some blurring is inherent to some scenes regardless.


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Depth of Field is the main one there that will cause blurring in distant objects. It is supposed to simulate the focus of your eye on objects that are close so blurring those in the distance. I think its pretty much crap on games; as you are staring into a limited area anyway.
Some games just seem to have blur built into the palette they use and no .ini settings can be changed. For these, use sweetfx. This eliminates all blur via colour/dither/sharpness tweaks among others, and makes the image pretty much as sharp as you can get it. Sometimes you will have to disable in game aa as it used its own post process form of aa. If you are playing Dmc and want to try it, here is a simple way to add it:

Sweetfx preset and short installation tutorial

I don't have this game, so don't know whether it would be added by myself but the pictures don't seem to be that blurry to me anyway. I would try the dull preset; this looks a bit less intense! Seems there is a lot of "red" going on in those graphics.


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Had a problem with the linked one, it was crashing 7z when trying to extract the files, but I tried the one on the mod site I mentioned, and it seems to make the visuals a lot more bearable to look at - Though oddly, the screenshots seem to show how it looks usually without the mod even with it active. Even the blur was less noticeable in game, but the screenshots seemed to capture it either way. The scenes definitely seem to force blur like suspected, the second screenshot I included, the image on screen appears the same with SweetFX in terms of blurriness.

More bearable to look at is of more use than non-blurred screenshots anyway, so it's still a great help, thanks again.

Thanks, I'll take a look and see if I can alleviate it with that. The settings I changed did make some of a noticeable difference, but there's still enough blurring to make me feel sick sometimes.

This was often the result in screenshots before I tried to eliminate the blur:

I think the second one may have some kind of integrated, forced blurring since I see no real difference now from before with that particular part.

Seems there is a lot of "red" going on in those graphics.

Yeah, the red is apart of some areas, as Demons 'drag you in to Limbo', the red aura of the area is often the result to that for some parts - It's quite obnoxious to look at, at first. Come to think of it, I'm sure I saw something about a SweetFX file on the DmCmods site, possibly the exact same so I'll check that too in case.
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