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Great new spedding laptop.


Before buying my replacement laptop I used the expertise of the forum where I got excellent guidance. I would recommend anyone to do this.

I got quotes from three organisations and PCSpecialist came out on top for product quality and price. I must say I was pleased as I was replacing an old PCSpcecialist Laptop I had bought in 2015 which is still running but software expansion and expectations meant it has had its day. My replacement is the modern equivalent and surprisingly cost less.

The process of ordering, buying and receiving the computer was painless.
Given we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic I had expected delays and frustration. Instead, I was met with courtesy, efficiency and friendliness.
I ordered the system on the 4th April and the laptop was delivered on the 15th. The company uses DPD as their courier and we have never had any trouble with them so this was an additional reassurance. In another five years, I will be back again.
One last thing when looking at what to buy the front end configuration routine is very good. I suggest, if like me you are not on top of the latest hardware, you follow the same route as me.

Set your budget then add 20% (this caters for finding unexpected goodies on route)

Pick out the basic system you want form the on-screen selections.
  1. Write up what you want the device for and post it to the forum.
  2. Make your final decision based on your choice and the advice received
  3. Place your order
  4. Now panic and start getting ready to transfer your files and software from your old system.
  5. Once done, relax and await that friendly knock to say your new computer has arrived.
  6. Enjoy yourself setting it up.

Thanks again to the guys at PCSpecialist.


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Just curious, what laptop and spec did u get?