GTX 680 Availability!!!!!


Just wanted to let everybody know that we have reiceved good allocation this week for GTX 680 2GB, and there are now no delays to any order due to this card.

GTX 690 and 4GB GTX 680 are still seriously tight.


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Seen as you have so many i think you should send me one to test out so i can recommend them in some new builds ;)

Before i get the NO! reply i have to say in my defence i had to try :p


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I said it before and i will say it again. Just because you tippex out the '7' from a GTX 670 and replace it with an '8' in black marker pen, doesn't make it a 680. Though i bet nobody would know perfomance wise:)

Also if Fear is getting one i want one, obviously just for testing and verification!