I started a thread “Disappointed” as my new PC did not last 24 hours before it went dead. I also mentioned that I would keep updating information on my experiences with PC Specialist. Here goes . . . . .

It is disappointing if any new build fails so soon after receiving it. However, what should also be appreciated is that this is the most likely time for things to go wrong if they are going to go wrong.

Having now ‘Test Driven’ the Technical Support Services provided by PC Specialist, I cannot praise them more highly. In my instance, I was able to drop the machine in and it was able to be worked on right away by Aiden. There was no messing about – straight in and replaced the components that were possibly at fault – motherboard and processor. In summary, PC Specialist is providing a bespoke service in a predominantly mass market world, and it definitely shows. I just hope that with their obvious rapid expansion that they are able to maintain this approach and attitude, it really is their hallmark and elevates them above all the competition. I am certainly reassured that I made the correct choice in choosing PCS to do my build.

If there were any criticisms, it could be on the question of testing before dispatch. The very rapid expansion of PCS means that they appear to be very restricted on space etc. and are perhaps not able to have either the space or resources for more intensive and longer post assembly testing. Maybe that is for the future? However, with their current attitudes, they are doing the absolute best with the resources available to them. I have no qualms in highly endorsing PC Specialist, from selection to purchase, delivery and subsequently technical support.

I hope that my experiences will provide reassurance to anyone considering in using PC Specialist. This endorsement of PCS is purely personal and I am in no way being rewarded by PCS – in fact I believe PCS himself has actually fallen out with me! Why, because I tried to make light of my computer case choice - see my post “First View of Computer”. I think he suffered a sense of humour failure! (Perhaps I was a bit too flippant).

Can I thank all at PCS and in particularly, publicly thank Aiden for helping me out so quickly considering my somewhat unique personal circumstances?



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Glad to hear that this has had a positive outcome.

Dont worry about offending PCS, im sure you didnt!


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No offence taken by anyone from PCS, glad you're all sorted now :D