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Happy Easter!


Bright Spark
I don’t really eat sweet food, no chocolate eggs for me and we’re going to order a curry tonight... so I’m really failing at Easter.

I’ve not long got back after picking up the new family member. She complained the whole drive home but seems to have settled in quite quickly. And she’s now decided to have a nap. Doesn’t look like I’ll be moving anytime soon...

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@AgentCooper thought of your cats when I saw this image

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Super Star
Noodle is more creepy with her technique, she’ll let you wake up naturally but will place her head about two inches away from yours so when you open your eyes you have these headlights staring directly into your soul...

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My kids do this to me too!

I am also sure with one of them that I once briefly saw the same vertical slit pupils with a more orange background colour. It was dark though so I couldn't be sure. It would epxlain the personality involved though...... 🤔