HD 7970 vs GTX675M


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Hey guys.. again.

Right, my laptop is in production so I have a chance to change stuff still.. What's better, the HD 7970 or the GTX675, been doing some research and it seems the 675 is just a rip off re-brand from a 580? :/
Also, there being reports of the HD 7970 being 20% better in overall performance!
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Oh, still don't understand. xD

So, shall I keep the 675 or up to the 7970? Money is of no concern, I might even just get the 680M.. hmmm


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Ok so the 675 has been out for a while now. Its old tech. The 680 is new tech. When new tech is released its likely buggy and takes time for the Devs to work out fixes. Follow me?

BUT the 680 is not as buggy (reportedly) as ATI's 7970 which seems to have threads popping up everywhere with complaints. Take a look on the laptop forum for a recent example.
My money is on the 680M which is alot more powerful than the 675 but only marginally over the 7970. But youll know that the 675 is definitely a stable GPU.