Hi guys and girls,

Just a quick post to introduce myself, I have already posted my specs on the relevant thread, that was before I noticed that there is an easy way to do it:rolleyes:

This is my 8th PC, and by far the best yet. Before PC I was an Amiga Boy, both the Amiga 500 and 1200, what great machines they were.

My first machine (this will give you a hint to my age )was a Commodore 64!!! You loaded the game by cassette and it took an age but I can honestly say The Hobbit never looked so good.

So the question is what game do I get first to try out the new rig??




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Crysis is still a good benchmark game, if you want to test out DX 11 etc then its Metro 2033 and the Unigine Heaven / Stone Giant Benchmarks you want to have a loook at.

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