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Hi, I'm Ramana.

I'm moving to the UK from Australia in about 2 weeks for
university, and I want to start the year right with a
new computer. If I order soon it will probably arrive when I do!

I posted the specs I'm considering in the Mini PC's
sales advice forum. Does anyone read that, or should I
just post in Desktop? (I tried the Desktop configurator
again just then but every choice has me thinking "you
should go Mini...")

This company looks awesome :) I look forward to basking
in your expertise and sharing my experiences.


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Welcome to the forums, and, soon to our humble country lol.
Ill zip over to the minipc forum now and have a looksie, depends what you want to do with your new comp, each one has a different usage intention really.


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All threads on all forums are monitored and you will always receive a reply at some point, but please note that our forums are not an official channel for support, more a place to get advice from peers and PCS staff when available.


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I might shoot an email to enquiries in a couple of days to get one of the staff to check over my spec and requirements before I order then :)


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You might also wish to specify delivery dates on your order, eg Not before a specific date. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any delivery times.