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Help overclocking



I've just bought a Ryzen 1700x with an Asus Crosshair Hero board and 16gb Hyper x Fury 2133mhz RAM & a Corsair Hydro H60 liquid cooling system. I know the Bios has overclocking options for the processor and RAM but I have no idea how to actually use them! Any help would be grateful as I don't want to break my new machine.

Also, how much, if anything can I overclock the RAM by? I've heard that faster bus speeds increase FPS during gaming etc. Or will I be ok at 2133mhz as standard?



Not sure if too many here would have experience of overclocking the Ryzen processors.

There is a good community on reddit at r/overclocking. Also, there are often some good articles on I found the latter more useful when overclocking my CPU.


Thanks, hopefully I'll not have to overclock it but I thought it worth asking to gain some knowledge if I ever did.


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You can also read what the reviewers had to say - though what they found was obviously only based on using the chips for a short while and doesn't necessarily reflect what future motherboards, BIOS versions, etc may make possible for overclocking.#

But they still have useful things to say and reading through a lot of them, many didn't seem to get far past 3.9GHz.,4951-4.html
Of course, if you're using a cooling solution less capable than our Corsair H100i v2 at its maximum fan/pump settings, overheating could become a problem. AMD predicts that most customers should see somewhere between 3.9 and 4.1 GHz across all cores, and suggests you stick with a 1.35V ceiling if you want your chip to last. Although core voltages in excess of 1.45V are considered sustainable, they'll have a more pronounced effect on longevity.

There's a section here about 2/3rd the way down:

The asus guides mentioned above can be very interesting.