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Hi from Fluffybunny


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Hi everybody,

I've just realised that I've been here a few weeks now and haven't actually introduced myself.

I come from West Yorkshire and run all the admin and booking systems for Party Legends and the PLan lan parties.

Given the chance I choose to play RPG games but nowadays find myself usually being bullied into playing on the Party Legends BFBC2 server so that I can be used as cannon fodder.

Oh, and the most important bit ... I'm a girl :D


Hi Fluffybunny

Welcome to the forums, and remember don't let yourself be bullied into being cannonfodder, practise when theyre not around and get revenge :)
Either that or tell them to go away and let you play RPG's :)


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Thanks for the welcome peeps.

Tonight I have not been bullied into playing on the server. Tonight, I have been mostly lying in bed watching girlie tv surfing on my netbook :) The server has filled up nicely without me lol.


I learnt something new from gorman from a last post. and pretty shocking...lol

Welcome to the forums :)


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Lol @ your avatar fluffybunny and welcome to forums....and dont worry about being cannonfodder; you get used to it like me. :)


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Thanks for all the welcomes guys. I've been "busy" for a couple of days so now have loads of catching up to do.

You will be pleased to know I am now ranked 25 on our BFBC2 server. Still cannon fodder, but now moving cannon fodder :))))))