How do I sell my ingame money voucher? Tips?


I have seen many people mention that when you buy a card that comes with ingame money it's like getting that amount off the card. Not sure if I've seen it in these forums though.

I had to contact amazon to get my code as it was not inside the box. They gave me it in an email. Never got a scratch off card or anything and the guy I spoke to said "you cannot sell it unfortunately".

So what should I do with it? I don't play any of the games that you can use it on. I bought the palit gtx770.

I would like to get some money for it. Preferably half of its value if not more. I've seen some I. eBay but they have a card with the code.


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You may have problems selling it if its just an email, since there would be no proof that the codes hadn't already been used. At least with a scratch card you can see if it's been scratched already.
Also it is not against NVidias T&C's for the vouchers to sell them? It was a freebie, and the Amazon guy said it wasn't transferable - so why would you expect to be able to sell it.

Not if it is against the T&Cs of NVidia's offers or Amazons sending you it, the ways to get round it should not be discussed in these forums as per the forum rules
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I've had no problems selling codes on ebay before, although those in-game vouchers don't really go for anywhere near what they are worth. Ebay/Paypal have a refund policy if item is not as expected so people don't mind taking the risk so much anymore.