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How to calibrate a monitor


It is definitely worthwhile calibrating your monitor if editing photos or videos. Without calibration, you really have no idea whether the changes you are making are beneficial or not. If editing is the main purpose of the PC, then it might be worth considering a monitor designed for that purpose. Many of these have hardware calibration and they typically cover a wider colour gamut. Makes include Eizo, ASUS and Benq. Some of these can be eye wateringly expensive, but Benq have some better value options.


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I persuaded my dad to get an x-rite device which I now borrow every couple of months. Ideally it should stay on the desk as it measures ambient light.
My camera club has a color munki. We use it to calibrate screens, a projector and printers. The club paid for it and we can all 'borrow' it for a small fee.