How to change File Installation place / What can I install where?


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Good afternoon everyone,

I just got my new PC and I am unsure where to install programs, this is the first time I have had more than 1 storage option and I don’t want to clog up my boot drive.

I have a 256GB M.2 SSD which has my boot on and then a 1TB SSD where I intend to install everything. However whenever I download a program it automatically goes into the download folder, as it should, which is on my C: drive (256GB M.2).

So my questions are, how can I change it so that I install everything on my D: (1TB SSD) and are there files I can’t put in my D: drive and must be installed on my C: drive?


Normal programs should be installed on the C drive which is why a 500GB M.2 is normally specified for that, then all the games get installed on the D drive which is your 1TB drive

You can also change the downloads to go to the larger drive


When you download anything the first thing it will ask you is what drive you'd want this installed/stored on. Just pick the larger drive at this point


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As above, assuming Windows 10 you can go to Settings > System Storage to change where new downloads go.

Games will generally prompt you every time to select a destination for install.