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How to clean your laptop


Really glad I read this. I've been wondering about how to turn the fan on on my cosmos ii (17.3") for ages!
I know now its Fn + 1



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Looks good though I have one slight niggle. Id personally use a cheap, smart price Asda toothbrush and not a used one, purely because it's totally clean then (or the cheapest toothbrush I can) Totally forgot youd need to re-apply the thermal paste if you wanna open it up

Think Ill probably be buying a PC Specialist laptop some time later this year, because tbh, I would like to open it (And I ASSUME messing about with PC Specialist stuff doesn't void your warranty (provided you dont break any thing),even if you add in your own stuff?

With my HP, Im quite annoyed that if I want to upgrade ANY THING (Aside from simply replacing the battery) I have to open the entire thing up. I can't even add RAM in, without opening it all up, hence wanting something like the PC Specialist laptops!



A quick question, have you any idea, how could I clean well the MATTE plastic surface of my laptop? Optimus VII / Clevo N150RD

It seems hard to clean from unctuous, sweaty pollution.

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Waqasahmed, you are correct, PCS allow us to open and work on machines. The Clevo chassis are also quite easy to work on, this is only one model but the pictures will give you an idea:

Most Clevos have four RAM slots, two that require keyboard removal and the other two can be accessed just by taking the back off. Fan cleaning, re-pasting and stuff like that is easy.
I've had my laptop from PCS for a couple of years now and I would like to try and clean out the fans but I don't have the confidence to do it without more information on my chassis.

I've searched around the net, but I can't even find the manufacturers website.

Can anyone provide a link that may help me open my Optimus Series: 15.6" Matte Full HD LED Widescreen (1920x1080)

thanks in advance


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I have an old Optimus IV, I tend to use these steps when cleaning it, bearing in mind I'll do this a couple of times a year. The steps for your laptop shouldn't be too dissimilar. I could be more specific for your laptop, but I don't have much information to go on.

Actually I saw my model number on the bottom of my laptop, yours should be there too, you'll find it's a "Clevo".

1: Make sure laptop has fully shut down, then remove battery.

2: Take off any underside panels, keep screws safe. (This should give easy access to the fan assembly.)

3: Determine your intake and exhaust vents for the fan, normally the exhausts will be around the side of the laptop, whereas the intake will be on the bottom.

4: Take a device that blows air and blow it INTO THE EXHAUST, any and all dust will then come out of the intake, (ideally keep your finger on the fan rotor itself to allow the air to blow the dust from the fan blades. (You're just reversing the direction the dust would normally take through the cooling fan allowing it to dislodge easier.) I tend to use a compressor used for blowing up inflatables, it's not overly powerful, but enough to remove dust. You can use that canned stuff, but go careful as that stuff is cold.

5: Give the now exposed area within the laptop a good blast of air to remove any other dust.

6: Put things back together.

7: Turn on.

8: Profit.

Note: One big rookie mistake when taking anything apart is NOT taking note of what goes where, (especially screws,) if in doubt, always take pics of each step in your disassembly process.
Thanks Pagey.

I looked up the Clevo website and had some fun reading the google translation. I couldn't find any manuals or instructions on how to take my chassis apart though.

I'm just going to make a note of your advice and take the plunge. What's the worst that can happen :)
Hello guys,

Not sure is this is just me or it bothers other people too, but on the new Recoil II, fingerprints are a nightmare. The laptop is black and has a metal case and unless you touch it with super dry hangs, it leaves a very visible mark that is rather unappealing. Has anyone found a solution for this? I was looking for some sort of coating spray but with very little luck.


how to do it one the 17,3" Defiance IV since its somehow connected in the middle of the backboard to some magical way and cant open it up.. is there any specific thing like removeing a keyboard?


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A great guide...

Whilst installing a SSD the other month i took the fans out a cleaned them so everything inside was dust free. However when gaming it still got on the warm side. I watched a video on youtube about how to lower the power to your processor, i lowered it to 90% and it's has lowered the temperature with no performance issues.


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Thought that this post from Instagram was worth a share on this thread...


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Thought that this post from Instagram was worth a share on this thread...
Not bad lol.

When on Ops out in Sandy places etc, we would have PC‘s (and other IT kit) not only get full of sand but also spiders, camel spiders and baby snakes.

The worst was not the cleaning them out, it was replacing cabling inside pipes etc, or putting your hand in to one for something to crawl, slither or whatever over your hand / arm.