HP Elitebook 840 G3 not seeing battery.


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My laptop has stopped seeing the CS03XL battery.

Windows says battery status: 0% available (plugged in)

HP Support Assistant states that it can't find a battery.

I have tried removing the battery and then refitting it and that made no difference so I bought a new battery and that did not work either. Tried a third CS03XL battery and still windows and HP Support does not see the battery.

I have Googled it and tried all things like deleting battery drivers, hard laptop reset/reboot etc, nothing has worked.

Laptop only works now on mains ac power and does not charge the battery no matter what one I put in the laptop. If I pull out the power cable, the laptop turns instantly off as you would expect.

Does anyone have any ideas, really want to be able to get the laptop working on battery again.



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Hi there. As this forum is owned by PC Specialist we can only offer hardware advice on their products. It may be worth trying an open forum like Tom’s Hardware to see if you can get some help there 👍