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iCUE problem


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Well, not changed anything since yesterday and my AIO is now stuck on a single colour (both pump & fans) no matter what I change in iCUE.

Think I'll go back to not having any part of ArmouryCrate installed and live with the random motherboard colours (or turn them off completely) ;)


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Wow, there is a lot of detritus left over when you uninstall Armoury Crate :mad:

Despite multiple uninstalls (with the official Armoury Crate Uninstaller) and reboots there still 6 or 7 Armoury Crate / Aura services still running. There was nothing in startup or left in Apps list or Progams & Features, so ended up having to disable them in msconfig, task scheduler, BIOS, and then delete the files/folders manually from c:/


So last night my icue went a bit funny, keyboard went back to rainbow vomit so I fired up icue. Upon firing it up my capellix is registering again so I'm thinking it's a software and not a hardware problem e.g a wire disconnected from fan connector. Not sure what the cause is, definitely don't have armoury crate so not sure what else it could be. But now happy that I have no RGB and quiet fan profiles. The only RGB in the case is the EVGA logo which I'm fine with.


Just got my new PC and I have a firmware update for the H115I RBG PRO XT on ICUE. Just looked up online and now scared to run the firmware. The amount of people that said it bricked the AIO.

Anyone got a tips on what to do. Is it just a simple update now on the software?


updated mine ok, but i have seen a youtube video that explains how to easily unbrick it should you get unlucky