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Im a bit swamped with work, presentations, and assignments so I thought i'd make this thread for those seeking me or something in my area of (dare I say it?!?!?) expertise (yes I know Gorman's gonna come in here and burn me to a cinder with a flame thrower within the hour).

Anyway, what to do?

So if you need my attention on something in particular, either pm me, or link me to the topic AND post # in question if you believe the response would potentially be beneficial to future customers experiencing a similar problem. Ill try to keep my mailbox relatively clear so I dont reach the 50msg max too quickly.

This should help cut down on the number of posts I need to trawl through & i'll try to reply within 48hrs.

That is all! :)

Ill let you all know when things quieten down and I have more time on my hands again.
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