iHAS124 B DVDRW - Firmware update


Just in case any of you experience problems with the LiteOn Philips iHAS124 B drive we currently stock, here is a fix.

Download the latest firware update here
or goto Firmware HQ and choose the most recent update from the list. Usually the top one.

If you have 1 drive just download and run (ensure that there is no disk in the tray)

If you have 2 drives you need to disconnect one, I'd go with the power connector. Then flash it. reboot then shut down and then disconnect the flashed drive and reconnect the stock drive. flash-reboot-shutdown then reconnect the drive.

Known issues that are fixed:
Burning media problems (ie is write nothing to a CD/DVD and renders the disk useless)
Read errors with optical media
Drive randomly disappearing mid install or on reboot.
1 drive appears to be missing in device manager
Neither drive works usually found with a duplicate device message in device manage


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Thanks for the links, I had problems with this drive in the past and had to have a new one sent out after contacting support.

Just flashed the latest firmware and now testing. :)


Thought I'd update this as there has been a few more update to the firmware,

The file is available via the download drivers page linked to your order, log into your PC Specialist account to find it. its call 24x_AL0L.zip

also available from HERE the top file is the newest


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I have 2 drives,iHAS124 B & iHBS112 2(blu ray).Do I need to disconnect bluray drive before Installing update to iHAS124 B?


You shouldn't have to as the updates are coded so they flash only the iHAS124 B drives, but if you want to sure just pop the power or sata out the back of the BlueRay drive


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There's a pageful of unnoficial hacked firmware for sony/optimark drives if you have one of those. They're getting on a bit now, but the newer firmware allows you to use more media. I used to be scared of upgrading firmware from horror stories of "bricking" but so far I've rooted 3 android phones, 2 windows ones, a WII, and even an old 2nd gen iPod (added "rockbox" to make it more open and avoid itunes :).

Just got to make sure that power stays on.... lol


I've got two of these drives in my PC, order number 429026, order placed 21 Nov 2011 and they are utterly hopeless with DVD RAM media. Currently backing up data, 589 files in 50 folders, total 3.74Gb. About 100 files are between 10 and 20 Mb, the rest hovers around the 4Mb mark, and it doesn't matter if I use XCOPY, COPY, or drag-and-drop in Explorer.

I now get a speed of 260kb/s, which is about as fast as a floppy. I hope that you've already put this firmware update on the drives before you actually installed them into the PC?

Copying files over 1Gb is totally useless, I've tried it a few times, and it took about 24 hours.

This happens with both drives!

A am a very, very unhappy bunny!