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I'm a happy new laptop user!


I've had my new new OPTIMUS XI 17.3" laptop for just over a week now and I couldn't be more pleased with it. Yes it's a weighty beast but I won't be carrying it around all day as some people have to. I love the large screen and crisp clear image, it's super fast and totally silent. I tweaked the original specs slightly by adding 32GB RAM and two 2TB drives, so I hope I have future-proofed it to last me a good few years and all at a very competitive price. A BIG THANK YOU to the Forum members who advised me on the best specifications to suit my needs, there's a lot of very helpful people and information of these Forums.

The initial set up was simple, and transferring data from my old computer was a lot easier and quicker than I had expected - didn't lose anything, no error messages etc!.

The order process was easy, and I was kept informed of progress every few days. It was delivered, very well packed and protected, promptly the day after despatch - excellent considering we live offshore and often have to wait an extra day or two for deliveries!

I'll be recommending PCS to everyone I know.


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Stephen M

Glad all is well and you pleased with it. I had a 15.6" Optimus a few years ago and it was a good machine.

I never mind about the weight, would rather have a decent size chassis with better cooling than some of those laptops that look as if they were run off on a salami slicer.