I'm fed up with Qnap and Synology!


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Hi all.
I've purcahsed several PCs from PC specialist. Nocomplaints at all, quite the opposite.
But for home NAS use, I've always gone generic Off the shelf options.
But Qnap has annoyed me for the last time.
To that end, I'm looking to change my QNAP TVS-h1688X
To a RACK server with TrueNAS and room to grow.
BUT, I've questions.
Is a 1u, 2u etc, simply the height of the box I'm buying?
If I wanted just an OS and then hardrives galore (no GPU, No fancy PCI cards (well, a 10Gb ETH one maybe if the MoBo didn't have that)Do I need 2u, 4u?
I currently have 140Tb on 20Tb drives.
I'd like to 'downgrade' to more 10Tb drives as they're cheaper and easier to replace. but I'll ned a LOT more space in the box.

So I guess the TLDR is:
What size box (1u, 2u etc), to house say up to 20 x 10Tb HDDs and some m.2 for OS etc.
I'm going to house some software on docker on the server too, but I assume that that's standard and the box size is irrelevant?
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