Initia Series: 15.6", specced with 4Tb SSD HDD, and 16Gb RAM


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  • sleek
  • lightweight
  • fast enough for me
  • full set of ports
  • quiet
  • camera is decent
  • chat support fast, human and helpful (caveat re advice on battery life...see Cons)
  • speedy delivery
  • good value, especially considering individual specs

  • Battery life, I was told on support chat (how long is a piece of string) maybe up to 6 hours. What I actually got (typing, surfing, wifi, no peripherals) was 3 hours (default battery saver at 2.5 hours). It didn’t feel like I was working it hard, so found that disappointing...I was expecting at least 4 hours.
  • What really lets it down is the speaker which is considerably worse than on my 4 year old Galaxy phone. It is really horrible, tinny and lacking any depth whatsoever.



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I dont know if its the case anymore, but you used to find it took a couple of complete cycles to get the full life out of a battery as well... not sure how applicable that is to laptops (i used to have mine on mains power most the time anyway) but I did notice it with things like new phones, took completely draining it and recharging over night to then start getting longer times out of it.... could just be an old wioves tale/coincidence.