Installing SSD

I’ve recently ordered the Nova and will look to add an M.2 SSD from my current laptop. It’s compatible and was used to store games only (not Windows.) May be a silly question but can I install it fully loaded with all the games still on? Or would I be better to backup my things on an external HDD first?


Assuming you can re-download your games if (for whatever reason) you lose what's on the drive then in my opinion there's no real need to backup. However if there is any critical data that you can't retrieve from elsewhere, having a backup is always a good plan.

Assuming these are Steam games, you'll need to re-install them on the new laptop (i.e. go through the process of 'downloading them' and selecting the Steam folder on the M.2 drive. Then Steam will check that folder and realise they're already downloaded (or at least, that is what I've done in the past :)).


If what I'm understanding is correct, you can just install the drive into your new laptop and point steam to the drive as an installation folder. It will then do an integrity check and fix anything that it needs to (usually minimal).

Should be fine after that.

The only limitation is whether there is space for the M2 drive. If you already have one on the build then I believe there is a 2nd M2 slot available.
Thanks @Scott that is what I was hoping for. I just wasn’t sure whether moving the drive may wipe it for any reason, such as having to re-format it. It just saves me re-downloading huge amount. Thank you.