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Intel 8-Core Processors?


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I have a friend that reckons he has an Intel 8-Core processor in his laptop that is just a few months old. After heavy researching and even looking on Intel's website I CAN NOT find one! I know that AMD - I believe, are going to being pushing this type of product forward and making it the next new thing! But just as a simple question.. At this current moment in time, or over the past 6 months has there been such thing as an 8-Core Processor for a LAPTOP?! :D


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He is probably talking about CPUs with hyperthreading, the i7s have 8 threads, which is a bit like 8 cores, but dont run quite as well


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Yeah, I figured! xD I was thinking if this is true, then why don't PCS offer such an epic component? Cheers for helping me clear it up! xD


he means a Hyperthreaded Quad-Core. and PCS do offer those haha, my i7-3610QM has Hyperthreading :D


Running an E5 Xeon 8 core from PCS on a desktop, there were some E5 Xeon 8 core laptops in US around May, but they weighed around 5 kilos ,and were more like portable servers.