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Interesting PC case designs


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Following on from a discussion in a topic the other day, thought I'd start a topic to showcase some interesting case designs I have found

First up, we have the RaijinTek Nyx Pro...looking like a cross between a Meccano kit, a JCB Digger and, in the case of the Yellow variant, Bumblebee from Transformers, it is certainly an interesting case:


Raijintek Nyx Pro


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Am loving this next one, even if it won't be to most people's taste. Looking like a Medieval Knight's Helmet, the Dark Flash Knight K1 is weird in a good is a case that looks so much better lit up in a dark room (I need to find a picture of it in that scenario):


Dark Flash Knight K1


Big Poster looks even better in a video o_O 40kg? Plus getting on for 50kg in total....might need a reinforced desk for that :ROFLMAO:

I am loving the second case there with the Space invaders front panel!!


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Here’s a few that have caught my eye with unusual aesthetics.

First up is this InWin case that looks like something birthed by HR Giger for the Alien movies...

Then there’s another InWin that I really like with its spacesuit helmet dynamic...

And lastly, this one. I’m not sure of the manufacturer. Possibly Armitage Shanks?