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Internal sounds problem


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Hello, I ordered a desktop and it arrived on Thursday. I have been having problems when my headset is plugged in, when I'm playing with friends they can hear everything from my system including the game sounds not through the microphone but like they themselves are plugged into the system with their own headset. My headset is plugged into the desktop through USB adaptor, I've found that if i use the microphone and headphone jack ports that the microphone is crackly and doesn't work. I have tested this on two different headsets and its the same problem with both of them. I have attached 2 photos one of the USB adaptor and one of the jack port adaptor. Is there anything I can do to solve this problem?



What headphone are you using? If it’s PC compatible, it should have come with the adapters, are those the ones you’re using?


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Sorry I haven't had time to answer before. Headset Corsair HS50 and I found out that it is headset itself causing problems, unfortunately. There is something wrong that mic and sound wires are too close each other and sounds from system are shooting, whatever... Well but still there is problem with jack port for recording, after plugging any microphone everything is crackly and nothing else can be heard