Ionico 17.3 Review


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Let's begin. I've received the laptop earlier today and as many people highly suggested, before I do anything I updated my Windows by an hour. After all updates done, including nvidia drivers and my other input drivers; finally I have find the time to test my laptop whilst playing game. I am not gonna lie, after hearing some negative feedbacks on the laptop, my expectations were getting reduced each time. But now I am so relieved. You dont have to be worry about thats clear. The laptop is amazing both promising high performance and good-looking. I have not enough material to share with you guys but all i can say is both display and laptops itself is too slim/thin. In a good way of course. I cannot add anything on @Macco26 's review but can easily say that he was right. The keyboard feel is good. It has very easy to use interface of CC. i am not a proper guy to say about using CC and other apps to make your laptop faster but even a guy like me can use the laptop on default settings and gets decent result on AAA title games. i wish i could spend more time but enough for today. i am planning to share more materials of the laptop in the future. long story short; you can buy it and it wont make you feel regret. worth every penny and worth to wait.

One of the negative thing is (Have no problem with thi thing so far) MUX is disabled but probably TongFang will sort it soon as many people suggested. USB ports are not enough for me bu surely it can be fixed by getting hub. IPS LCD screen has noticeably backlight bleed but as expected. No surprise. But also the quality of display is quiete good.

Here is my specs:
RTX3070, 16GB DRAM 2666MHZ, 1TB INTEL M2 SSD. Gamin mode (Nothing changed)
Tested the laptop on a cooling pad (KLIM Halo)
JBL Quantum 600 series Headphone on gaming.