Ionico 17" - Fan Noise and Battery Life Questions


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Hi All,

I've currently got a gaming laptop that I added a Linux partition to for work. It's about 4 years old now and I'm looking to move on. Since I'll be moving around for work a fair bit I need a laptop to work/game on as I don't want to be carting a gaming PC around with me. I think the Ionico 17" looks like a powerful gaming laptop without too much of the gamer aesthetics that might make it seem a little less professional.

I'm wondering if anybody has experience with how the fans sound on a Linux partition. I would assume on Windows while doing light work such as writing code, editing Latex or web browsing the fans would be pretty quiet but I don't know if the fan controls will really work the same on Linux, can I get the Tongfang fan control on Linux? Maybe I would have to manually edit the bios fan profile? Since I won't be gaming on the Linux partition I don't think there will ever be too much of a load on it, but I do like to sometimes run code locally which can of course make things get a bit hot, especially if I do some ML/parallelisation using the GPU. I'm not too bothered with how the fans sound while gaming since that would be at home, not in an office where others might dislike a noisy laptop.

Also how do people find the battery life to be while doing light work? Most of the time I would have access to power but don't want to be in a meeting and suddenly run out of battery.

Thanks for any help.

Edit: While looking around the forums I remembered another point. If I set the keyboard backlight to a certain colour while in Windows will it maintain that setting when I boot Linux? It works like that with my current laptop, I guess it edits something in the BIOS itself rather than storing it in the app otherwise I guess it would only work when I have Windows booted. I'd prefer not to have an RGB lightshow going on the whole time while at work.