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I'm tremendously pleased with my new laptop. A high spec for my use, but hopefully adding picture editing won't slug it as heavily as on my previous (non-PCS) devices. The move to the larger 17" screen was a good decision, and the performance is an upgrade even from an earlier type of SSD. I'm fussy about robustness and keyboards as I move the laptop between locations. Buying unseen has previously made me look elsewhere, but my fears were substantially unwarranted. There was one issue arising in the setup, but not attributable to PCS. Bringing Windows up to date made Skype video fail immediately after establishing a call, but as it worked on delivery, this was tracked to one of the MS upgrades.

I like especially::
- general quality and appearance
- keyboard "action". Individual keys have decent travel and feedback.
- performance and battery life.

Gripes (nothing major):
- touch screen not available
- config process indicated the 280w power supply, but the system didn't allow me to automatically order a second (and the power supply is a bit of a brick);
- mediocre generic documentation, still based on W10 and doesn't cover the specifics of the machine;
- the fan can be a little noisy and heard on video calls;
- the lid is more flexible than I'm used to (possibly due to larger screen size) and lid hinges don't feel as robust as they might.

However, overall delighted and would have no hesitation to buy again from PCS.


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