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Is overclocking safe for my PC?


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Hello, my CPU is starting to be too slow for the modern games (like BF1, GTA 5...). I have G3258 installed in my computer. My friend told me that this CPU is very overclock-friendly. To what speeds can I overclock it? Is it possible to break it with inappropriate overclock? Maybe I should buy a better cooler(which one?)? Currently it runs on 3.20 GHZ. Thanks in advance!


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Is this a PCS system? Maybe it is the gpu rather than the CPU bottlenecking your system. it would be more helpful if you post your full system specs


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Every CPU is different in how far you'll get it to go, how much voltage it will need, what frequencies and voltages it will be stable at etc.

I have a G3258 that's OCed to 4ghz on the stock Intel cooler. I'm sure you can find guides out there just for that CPU since a lot of people bought it just to have fun OCing it.

You could also consider trying to get a Haswell / DC i5 or i7 since that would be a pretty big upgrade.

Is this a PC Specialist computer?