Is the RTX3090 on pre-order?


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Hi! :)

Just want to double-check if the RTX 3090 is also pre-order?

Only on the configure page the 3060, 3070 & 3080 says' pre-order only' but the 3090 does not.

Many thanks!


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There are a limited number of them and an unknown number moving across from 3080’s.

how long they remain as not pre orders is in the lap of the Gods.


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I think there was a sizeable few shipments of 3090's over 2-3 weeks (excluding last week) to retailers. I saw quite a few shops getting a few of them in consistently, so I assumed this is why PCspecialist was able to remove pre-order from the 3090. However that doesn't seem to be the case anymore and A lot of people jumped ship form 3080 to 3090. So I wouldn't assume it will last.