It boots up to a screen saying ‘please select proper boot device’

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This error means that for whatever reason your system doesn’t find the installed Windows. Which can be caused by two things, Windows (software) or the hard drive (hardware). To find out what exactly is happening we advise the following steps.
Turn the system off. Wait a few seconds.
Turn it back on and immediately and continuously tab the F7 button, which should bring you to the boot menu.
This looks most likely like this:

Select your boot drive (assuming it appears at all) and see if it boots into Windows at all. If so, the boot option could be wrong and we can go into BIOS together to get that sorted. Give us a ring and we’ll talk you through it.
If your boot drive isn’t listed there it could mean that Windows isn’t bootable, maybe an update has corrupted the files, or perhaps the drive is not seated correctly. If you are happy to go into the back of the machine (no, you won’t void your warranty unless you are fond of skewering motherboards with your screwdriver) then it may be simply worth removing and re-fitting the drive.

The simplest thing to suggest at this point would then be a reinstall of Windows. That means wiping your boot drive and losing all the data. Therefore, most people prefer to try and repair/restore Windows first, hopefully you have a repair point before the corruption happened and you won’t lose your files.
Please feel free to follow the guide here regarding repairs and reinstalls:

If there is no restore point and a reinstall does not fix your issues it could also mean that the drive itself has developed a hardware fault, which is a bit difficult to detect outside of windows. In this case, if you have exhausted your other options then give us a ring and we’ll see if we can replace the drive or not.
Please be advised that we are not able to recover your data at PCS, if we exchange a hard drive the data on the old one will be lost and we can’t get to it!
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