Item prices?


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Hi, I have been looking at different configurations of computers I'd prefer to buy here but there is one tiny problem. I noticed only a certain ammount of items actually show howmuch they cost and without seeing the prices since there are so many different prices of each individual item and some increase/decrease the costs so seeing prices would be great.


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Main reason being that the items that are affected by demand and current rates on the stock exchange are the ones that you see no prices for. They change by small / large amounts too often for PCS to be constantly changing prices on these items. (CPU GPU MOBO to name but a few)


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The overall price updates in real time as you change the individual component spec's so you may just have to save a few different quotes to get an idea - thats how I decided what spec to go for, after creating about 25 seperate quotes haha! All good fun.


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Due to the nature of our configurator, it's not something we can offer at present. :(