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Lafité Series - i7 16GB


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After five years with my old Acer, and after signing up a new freelance client, I've decided to upgrade, the PC was just not up to the job of running development tools and emulators simultaneously. Following many hours of search and compare (time which I should have been spent working), I couldn't find the right fit.

PC Specialist's Lafite series looked promising but what stood out was the ability to customise the device's CPU, memory, and storage. PC Specialist are the ONLY online store that offer the flexibility of declining Windows! I never develop on Windows so paying for a license is a waste of money.

My Lafite arrived within the promised time window despite my fussy spec. It came bearing an unregistered version of Windows which I promptly wiped and installed Ubuntu. The device itself is as aesthetically pleasing as a workhorse PC can be. I love that it is not branded. The casing is just BEGGING for stickers! I treated myself to a pack stickers with my freelance company logo and stuck it dead centre.

I cannot recommend this PC enough. It runs beautifully, effortlessly managing by IDE, emulator, browser, and graphic design workflow.

It's great to know that you aren't stuck with Dell, Acer, and HP, and that you can ditch Windows.



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The display is great quality - keep in mind this is not the standard you would find in a Macbook or some other upmarket toy but for what it is, I have no complaints.

I run my development software, Android device emulator and several other tools simultaneously and the PC has never overheated. Sometimes during the heaviest of use, you will have a burst where the fan is working overtime, but this subsides after a few minutes.

For conventional tasks, I never hear the fan. I have not played games on this device. I run Linux, emulators and dev tools only.


Hello, do the laffité 15 has a webcam ? Is the touchpad multipoint ?
This it not clear from the detailled spec
Thanks by advance