Laptop - 15.6" Genesis II


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I've been a linux user for 3/4 years - mainly Ubuntu.
Up to now I've reused ancient PCs. Currently I'm in the market for a laptop but don't want to spend my hard earned cash find I can't run the operating system I wish to.

In an email from pcspecialist I have been reassured by sales staff "As far as we are aware there should be no issues installing Ubuntu on that particular laptop". It would however be even more reassuring to hear that someone has installed Ubuntu on one of these & what issues (hopefully none!) they have encountered.

Anyone out there with info?

PS Apols if I've posted this previously - thought I had but can't seem to see it now!


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I suggest you join the Ubuntu UK list. I don't know the answer, but someone there will do. They are a great lot of guys.