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Stephen M

Beginning to have doubts about the Librem 5. It is understandable there will be delays on new products and especially during times like this but Purism are now more than a year behind their original shipping date estimates and their communication is not good.

Was never expecting quick delivery with a crowd funded product but am now beginning to wonder if I will ever see the phone.

I like the proposed security features on it and Pure OS is a decent enough 'nix distro but there is nothing particularly special about this phone. Had some spare cash and it looked interesting so decided it was a project worth supporting.

Shipping has started but there have been a few issues with the early models. Until about October last year we had regular updates but those have ceased. Would not advise anyone to pre-order at the moment.


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I've just ordered a PinePhone to tinker with. Linux Phones are not a consumer ready as they lack many of the key ingredients to make it a success. The same reason Microsoft and Amazon failed. But with all the cool new things like OSTree, flatpak and better hardware support, I really think it could be a success in the future but don't expect to purchase a Linux phone now and have it replace your Android or Apple device.

Stephen M

Agree. I had an Aquaris with Ubuntu on it was interesting and a decent phone but died after a couple of years. Think Purism have put a lot of thought into the Librem and Covid-19 has certainly not helped things.

Hope you do not have to wait too long for yours.


I've tried ubuntu touch on my old oneplus3t for about a month. While there were some things that I did love (fluidity on old hardware and especially battery life, omg! It would stay on idle with wifi on for a week on a single charge - and the battery is now 4 years old), the lack of apps is really annoying for daily usage.

I've also tried to install an android emulator for Linux in it, but it doesn't work on the oneplus (it only works on the nexus 5, from what I've seen)

Stephen M

Think Ubuntu gave up too quickly on their phone. Probably over ambitious with the one they tried to launch via crowd funding but that was no reason to quit.

While not happy with Purism I realise how difficult things are at the moment and anyone signing up to a crowd fund project knows there are risks. Just wish those of with orders were getting a bit more information, does not take a massive effort to put a simple monthly report together.