Long term game benchmarks across Nvidia, AMD and Intel GPUs


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This is incredibly interesting and not something that I'm aware has ever been considered before. By Hardware Canucks.

It's a repetitive benchmark on several modern titles with GPU's from each manufacturer, all on the same hardware setup with a 7800X3D as the CPU.

Arc A770
RTX 4070ti
RX 7800XT

They then benchmarked after every driver update, and every game patch to track how performance was over a period of August last year to a couple of weeks ago.

Games tested were:

Avatar Frontiers of Pandora
Robocop - Rogue City
Alan Wake 2
Balders Gate 3

It's well worth a watch, extremely enlightening



Can you imagine going through all that for a 20-30 game, 20 GPU rundown 🤣

In my experience Cat Quest 1 & 2 didn’t produce any noticeable performance drops.