Maelstrom T900 Case , a few questions ............


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Hi All
Is this case noisy ?
Does the side fan spin constantly or just cut in or out according to temp?
And finally(this might be a daft question i am a newbie) using a p67 mobo will the fire wire socket be connected ?
Thanks in advance for any Replys !


Considering my new PC has 8 fans all told (4x Case, 2x GPU, 1x PSU and 1x Heatsink), it's pretty quiet.

The T900 case is not SILENT, but I wouldn't consider it overly noisy. I haven't compared it to any other modern PCs, but the noise it makes is no more than the gentle sound of air movement. I wouldn't say it was annoying/disturbing.

The side fan spins constantly, but you could probably control it using the right piece of software if you wanted to (I don't know). The advantage of the large fan is that it can run at a lower RPM to achieve the same airflow.


The noise should be at a considerable level and shouldnt be loud.

As for your firewire question. If you ment if the front case of the t900, has a firewire? then it would be a no. the p67 mobos will have firewire connection which will be at the back of the case once once fully built.


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Thanks for the replys, yes Teaz I did mean the front socket (dont need firewire, just wondered if the front port would work).


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the T900 is a very good value case for gamers, obviously if you have a higher end computer you may have to consider a better case but this is more than enough for medium-build gamers